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brutal attack on istanbul art-opening

September 22nd, 2010 — 9:14am

21.09. 2010, someof our gallery
neighbours, were cowards attacked with tear gas and stones by a group of 30-40 people.

read it in german by taz:

The following press statement was released today (22.09.2010)


In an organized attack on art galleries in the Tophane neighbourhood of Istanbul, guests attending exhibition openings were physically assaulted in a lynch attempt by a gang of 40-50 people. The audience subjected to this atmosphere of total terror featured artists, academicians, students, writers, local and international journalists and cultural attaches from consulates. The attackers used knives, batons, broken bottles and pepper spray. The injured include Polish, Dutch, German and English guests. We have witnessed for a time now the actions of a certain group to disrupt the openings, exhibitions and events of art galleries in Tophane and to create an atmosphere of intimidation. Galleries, artists and guests have been harassed and threatened numerous times. We know that these actions are carried out by a group organized via certain web sites and around certain localities in the neighbourhood. We have always had a strong bond of communication with all our neighbours, with children, parents and other commercial enterprises in the neighbourhood, and carried out community projects. We believe we are a part of the cultural and social scene in Tophane. These organized attacks cannot be attributed to the Tophane community. These assailants constitute a serious threat to the security of our neighbourhood.

This organized attack in the centre of Istanbul, a cultural capital, is in no manner acceptable. This attack spells a clear and genuine warning to all art institutions. A serious investigation into the organizers and perpetrators of this attack is necessary for the safety of our neighbourhood and city.

Participants in protests against the IMF had previously been attacked in a similar manner in what can only be described as a lynching attempt. However, this attack remained uninvestigated, providing an instance of encouragement for the groups carrying out such violent attacks. We believe these attacks can be prevented if the governor’s office, the police forces and political parties treat this incident with appropriate sensitivity. Failing that, such incidents will take on more perilous proportions and form a grave threat for the social and cultural life of our city.

Tophane galleries, artists and art audience

also check:

1st. image: 10 minutes before the cowardly attack on the NON Gallery

next images: 02:00 in the morning the media mashine is still on 

we translated briefly some newspapers, engl. sucks!!

21.09.2010 the Gallery District in Tophane was attacked 
Beyoglu, two art galleries, art and photo exhibition during the opening of a group of about 30 people attacked by stone rod. ISTANBUL – In the opening of those claims, according to the street for a drink at the attack, five people were injured and taken to hospital. 

Street armory cutthroat Hasanefendi İşmerkezi’nin 3 Non times in the 30 meters and here the number 69’daki four-storey buildings, Kadir’s Street entrance to the Outlet gallery, at 19.00 during the opening exhibition of paintings and photographs were made. Hundreds of domestic and foreign guests attended the opening. According to allegations, since most of the guests during the drinks bottle in the street with their hands while chatting, a group of about 30 people indicated that they were attacked by stone and rod. Attackers, since some of those who joined were minted with the clubs, some of them were common in their eyes with pepper gas. In both the gallery’s glass was broken by stones. 5 people injured in the attack by their friends Taksim Training and Research Hospital and was taken to a German hospital. K Sevket surprised with painter’s early opening of the head and stitches in the hospital said. With the attacker fled the scene before police arrived. 


Neighborhood was disturbed 

Some of the residents after the incident, both in the gallery during the opening of the people drinking in the street, the riot that claimed around inconvenience. If a person already has the gallery during the opening of the direction of the disturbance of residents said they were warned. 

Police launched an investigation after the closing of two galleries. Expression referring to those who attacked the police, those who organized the exhibition at the police station for three people led to the expression. Police, according to statements said to begin work to catch the attacker. 


On the other hand, attacked those who complain about 40 people came to the Beyoglu Police Station. To support these people came to the police station Baykam painter Bedri, “This is the event 17 years after the second Madimak.Arkadaşlarımaza’re here to provide support. Police officials vowed to catch the attackers, “he said.


Tophane Attack 
As many of you know, people lived in Turkey today is a shame. Approximately 100 people were attacked in Tophane galleries. Pepper stood exposed to the gas attack, we could find all the information gathered, there is another friend wrote a great Greenhouse Kalkavan. Please read it carefully. 

“President for! Protesters trying to determine the camera detects the RTE Tophane galleries also wonder if the attackers?” 

Tophane Gallery exhibition of new açılışındaydım Non’da Extrastruggle tonight.Hundreds of people attended the night, we have estimated that around 20 residents of the gun house, trades-people in a raid carried out fully. This is just a koluydu attack. Artwalk Tophane other art galleries in the so-called attacks were made in the region. First, we are familiar with a police gun Mayıs’lardan pepper gas attack on the group then walked to the visitors of the exhibition, without distinction between men and women were broken beer bottles on their backs and heads, the crowd of innocent slap kick away from there. People who try to keep each other very quickly fled or took refuge in the nearby places of business. Inside, a different scenario was taking place, exposed to pepper gas, go out side the building running from the upper floors of the gallery had sought refuge to avoid eating beating. It is not an artist at an exhibition under the Nazi occupation as a kentteymiş. Injured, “Molotov kokleyli would also be the Sivas massacre,” he says. Can you think of the seriousness? The exhibition going and eating a pepper spray, beaten, yaralanıyorsunuz. 

Ntvmsnbc’nin the wake of the attack immediately and completely wrong and I checked their web site full of news came across eksiklerle .. Attackers are talking about 20 people in total, but only 20 people had attacked a single gallery. In total, approximately 100 people that an organized attack. Then the police the attackers, “hospitalization” was written. Avoid attack on the police immediately to one side, in the middle “yatıştırılacak” There was a situation.Two lovers fight was not jealousy. Pepper gas in any way the security measures mentioned in the news, also wrote the police on the streets. There is no security outside of a police car on the street as one that I can not say that.One other error in the attack, “drinking in the street” was that because of the .. I learned about those when the young lady with drink service Sergi’deki according to one of the assailants before the exhibition traveled, have a drink and then come up with a group and then attacked out of the exhibition.Therefore, there is nothing to do with this drink. Also said that the yanıltmaktır, maybe even another is to shelve political intentions. NTV’s news to write such a false reason for a very different theme. Another, the Police and Municipal zabıtadan disinformation coming. According to information “in Firuzağa the” fight “does not drink because of the street because of the molestation of a woman” .. Do you believe it? A woman is being molested, and then tear gas thrown into the gallery .. He how pepper spray, what purpose can be provided and where? Now it is impossible to say whether an organized terrorist attack. 

Twitter, FriendFeed and platforms, such as contact doomsday breaking loose.Polarisation picks up well, everyone in Turkey has become a country that thinks a lot more dangerous and uninhabitable. Event terrible enough, but the courage of these people find it much more terrible. 

The attacks happened during the areas of physical wounds. But tonight we are all wounded, once again, democracy, Turkey, and most importantly, our belief in aidiyetimize further reduced with each passing day. This “terror” since the attack on a punishment for criminals, even if we do not believe yakalanacaklarına. There is already caught in a situation, the cops know all of the attackers. 

Someone needs to die? 

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September 22nd, 2010 — 8:35am

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